From legal & medical clients

Laura translates Spanish efficiently and effectively, helping the parties understand the court proceedings. Laura is a pleasure to work with and is truly an asset to San Mateo County Superior Court.
— ROSA VEGA, Clerk to the Hon. Susan Greenberg, San Mateo County Superior Court, Dept. 3

It’s been my pleasure to use Laura’s interpreting services on a number of civil matters, including personal injury, wage-and-hour disputes, and wrongful termination cases. Laura is accurate and well liked by clients. I recommend her.
— Brian Mathias, attorney at law

I worked with Laura on a case that required her to translate both the sensitive, personal information of my client as well as complex legal issues. Laura was an essential part of the team not only for her language skills, but for her ability to develop a great rapport with my client. Without that degree of comfort, I doubt that I would have been able to fully discuss some very difficult topics with my client. I will definitely work with Laura again in the future.
— [Confidentiality requested]

Laura’s interpretation services were invaluable to helping my team secure asylum for two refugee families. Her professionalism, commitment, and empathy are unparalleled. I recommend her services without hesitation.
— Shawna V. Benfield, Cooley LLP

Laura was an integral part of our asylum team. She made our interactions with our client much smoother, and we can always rely on her translations.
— Matt Ezer, Cooley LLP

I am a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice. I volunteered at a community clinic where Laura was my primary interpreter.

The essence of psychotherapy and counseling is a very sensitive and subtle understanding of the client’s communication of feelings and the content of their stories. Laura did a superb job in both respects and was extremely helpful in translating subtleties of meaning that would have been completely lost in simple verbatim renderings. I could readily tell from the clients’ responses and from the positive evolution of their cases that Laura was understanding and adroitly interpreting the nuances of complex psychological problems that came up in our work.

Indeed, having Laura as my interpreter provided a highly reliable and sensitive channel into the client’s practical and emotional issues. In addition I would describe her as highly professional, compassionate and sensitive to the issues of confidentiality. Lastly I would say that Laura is very personable and combines both intelligence and warmth in her interactions.

My experience with Laura has been uniformly excellent and I recommend her without qualification.
— Philip Takakjian, PhD, Redwood City, CA

It has been such a pleasure to work with Laura Boykin for the past two years. She is a most pleasant and compassionate person with an excellent command of the Spanish language. She is loved and respected by everyone working in our clinic. I highly recommend Laura with no reservations.
— Fatima Tehranchi, MD

I am a General Internal Medicine specialist who has volunteered as a pro bono physician at a free medical clinic. Laura has interpreted for me and my patients on many many occasions, and she has been indispensable to my work at the clinic. Laura demonstrates superior simultaneous and consecutive professional interpreting skills, and her command of medical vocabulary is extremely good. Laura is completely professional in her conduct, and always sensitive to the confidential nature of her work. But she is also so very personable, cheerful, compassionate and supportive of the clinic patients, staff, and myself.
Laura is a gem, and I recommend her without reservation.
— Dawn Smilek Malter, MD, PhD, Immune Tolerance Network, UCSF China Basin